Community Programs

From CPR Classes & LifeJacket Loan Programs to our Vial-of-Life Project, the Ebbetts Pass Fire District offers many beneficial programs for our community.

Fire Prevention

Fire prevention starts with you. Creating a "defensible space", having functioning fire extinguishers & smoke detectors, campfire safety and much more.

Emergency Response

With four fire station locations, the Ebbetts Pass Fire District is ready to respond to fire and medical emergencies throughout our district at any time.

EPFD Commitment to OUR communities

Our commitment to the communities of the Ebbetts Pass Fire District goes beyond responding to emergency situations. As our Mission Statement says; The Ebbetts Pass Fire Protection District shall provide for life and property safety from the threat of fires, medical emergencies, and hazardous materials release. This will be accomplished through planning, prevention, education, incident mitigation and appropriate application of technology.

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our history - serving ebbetts pass since 1965

The Ebbetts Pass Fire District was formed December 7, 1964, to provide structural fire protection during the winter periods when the local California Division of Forestry station was not staffed. The Ebbetts Pass Fire District became a legal entity, certified by Mr. Frank M. Jordan, Secretary of State for California, on July 26th, 1965. Julius Wixon was appointed as the first Volunteer Chief on October 26th, 1965.

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Message From The Chief


The 4th of July is coming!

Mike Barr, President of the Ebbetts Pass Firefighters Association, reports that on July 5th, the Association will again be holding the Annual barbeque.  They will begin serving tri-tip, hamburgers and hotdogs at 4 PM on Saturday afternoon.  At 6 PM the band will start playing and who knows when they will stop.  Please stop by to say hello!

Summertime along the Ebbetts Pass Highway 4 Corridor means family and friends coming to visit, campers and vacationers and the Independence Day Parade.  Please remember that the use of fireworks is illegal in the Ebbetts Pass Fire District.

Enjoy your summer and if you have any questions about summertime grilling safety, please give us a call at 795-1646.


Dave Baugher, Fire Chief