EPFD Timeline

Ebbetts Pass Fire Protection District History
September 30

Fire Chief Retires

David Baugher retires as fire chief.

September 8

New Fire Chief Appointed

New Fire Chief Appointed

Mike Johnson appointed as Fire Chief.

November 6
October 1

EPFD Crew Participates in National Breast Cancer Awareness Month Event

Staff dons pink uniform hats and pledged to raise donations for the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.

August 18

EPFD Acquires New Fire Engine

EPFD places it’s first ladder fire engine placed in service.

June 21

Fire Prevention Officer Joins EPFD

    Joan Lark joins Ebbetts Pass Fire District as the Fire Prevention Officer.

    February 22

    EPFD Receives Grant

    Grant awarded provided 40 sets of turnouts to Ebbetts Pass Fire District.

    January 18

    EPFD Gets Two New Utility Vehicles

    One of these utility vehicles was assigned to the Battalion Chief position allowing the on duty Battalion Chief to respond to incidents more efficiently.

    June 10

    EPFD Become a Safe Surrender Baby Site

    EPFD Board approved program participation with Resolution No. 2009-01. The Ebbetts Pass Firefighters Assoc. provided the needed supplies and car seat.

    May 14

    Founding Board Member Kenneth Emerson Passes

    Founding Board Member Kenneth Emerson Passes

    Kenneth Emerson passed away on May 14, 2009 at the age of 72.

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    Community programs

    From CPR Classes & LifeJacket Loan Programs to our Vial-of-Life Project, the Ebbetts Pass Fire District offers many beneficial programs for our community.

    Fire Prevention

    Fire prevention starts with you. Creating a "defensible space", having functioning fire extinguishers & smoke detectors, campfire safety and much more.