Check your Chimney or Flue to Prevent Fires

A chimney or flue fire occurs when the build-up of creosote gets hot enough to burn. The fire can spread from the chimney or flue through cracks, loose mortar, small separations in flue pipe, and/or loose or missing flue caps or screens and get into the wall partitions or onto the roof.






  • Loud roaring, popping noises.
  • Sparks and flames shooting from the chimney/flue top.
  • Stove and/or stove pipe vibrating.




  • Don’t panic.
  • Call 9-1-1 before trying to put out the fire.
  • Close damper(s). If the stove is airtight, keep the door closed to cut off the air supply to the firebox.
  • If it’s not airtight, and if the fire in the firebox is small, one might attempt to use a chemical fire extinguisher to slow the fire.
  • NEVER use water – the stove could crack if too hot.
  • Check the roof for sparks and fire spread.

NOTE: Any time there is a chimney or flue fire call 9-1-1. Even if you feel you have the problem under control. There could be fire that has extended into your walls, attic or roof.


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