Seasonal Flu (Influenza)

Seasonal influenza (flu) is an infection of the respiratory system (lungs) caused by influenza viruses. Flu occurs most often every year during the late fall through the winter months. Influenza can cause complications such as pneumonia, and can lead to … Continue reading

Winter Driving Safety Tips

Winter driving on roads and highways in the snow-capped Sierra Nevada can be a pleasant adventure or it can be a frustrating, tiring an sometimes even hazardous undertaking. The California Department of Transportation, Cal/Trans, provides the following information to help … Continue reading

Plan Ahead and Prepare for Winter Storms

Winter storms can be deadly. Extreme cold can cause hypothermia (an extreme lowering of the body’s temperature) and death. Fireplaces, emergency heaters, and candles can cause household fires. Toxic fumes, such as carbon monoxide, from heaters can cause asphyxiation (unconsciousness … Continue reading

Monitoring Snow Loads on Roofs

EPFD residents and businesses should monitor snow loads on roofs, propane tanks, natural gas lines and building ventilation systems for signs of excessive loading due to heavy snow loads.   Residents and businesses also should monitor roof vents, chimneys and flues … Continue reading

Winter Tips For LPG Users

The extraordinary snowfall in the region creates deep snow that can damage LPG pipes, valves and tanks. Explosions and fires can occur, causing injuries and deaths. The following safety tips for proper care of LPG pipes, valves and tanks during … Continue reading

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Community programs

From CPR Classes & LifeJacket Loan Programs to our Vial-of-Life Project, the Ebbetts Pass Fire District offers many beneficial programs for our community.

Fire Prevention

Fire prevention starts with you. Creating a "defensible space", having functioning fire extinguishers & smoke detectors, campfire safety and much more.